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Design has the power to transform or limit our experience of the world. We believe that when design and project teams truly understand what people need they can develop better solutions that improve quality of life and create welcoming places for our diverse communities.  We want to inspire inclusive design by sharing your experiences and telling your story to the people who design the world around you.

We’ve created this platform to open up new spaces for listening, collaboration and engagement for people who experience physical, sensory, cognitive or functional limitations. This is your chance to send your message and be part of creating the solution.

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By joining The FUNKTION study series, you’ll be part of a research community that will investigate real life experiences, collective thoughts and ideas that deliver insights back to designers and project teams. By getting involved in field studies, surveys, quick polls and design projects you will be part of shaping the design of environments, products and services. There is no better expert than YOU.

Urban Mobility Study


We are undertaking an urban mobility study to better understand what accessibility information people need when out and about in the community. The study findings will be used to improve accessibility information content and formats. This aims to help people with disability to get out, explore and participate in community activities with confidence, freedom, choice and independence.



#1 Field Study

#1 Field Study

See a show at the Opera House, share your experience and help evaluate accessibility guides and services. Open to people who use a mobility aid.

#2 Survey for Individuals

#2 Survey for Individuals

Help make accessibility guides better. Open to people who use a mobility aid or have difficulty walking. Complete the 10 question survey.

#3 Survey for Carers

#3 Survey for Carers

Help make accessibility guides better. Open to carers and support workers. Complete the 10 question survey.

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Why Join?

The FUNKTION study series is a research community developed by one of Australia’s leading Access and Inclusion specialists funktion – Making Life Fit. We work with many great designers, planners, developers and builders and want to take your message to the people who create places, programs and products.

Through this community we promise to take your unique thoughts, words and experiences back to help these teams improve the design of their environments, products and services.

This is your chance to :

  • Share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences
  • Help shape the inclusive future of environments, products and services in our cities
  • Provide feedback to the project teams who create the spaces you see
  • Be a co-design partner on selected design projects