How The Study Series Works

Once you’re a registered member, we’ll contact you by email to let you know when new activities, surveys, polls or events become available to be involved. These polls are a quick way to gauge the thoughts and perspectives of city folk with related experience, just like you!

What do I get out of this?

You get to be part of an exclusive group of city dwellers who contribute to our expert research community. By giving your opinion on what works and doesn’t work and sharing your experiences, you’ll be influencing the world around you by creating more positive and inclusive experiences to the places you love and opening up possibilities for more people. By getting involved in regular activities, and as we communicate with each other more there will be invitations to upgrade to our study partner membership, which includes opportunities to be involved as a paid co-design partner on projects as part of the FUNKTION team.

What we collect

The company behind The FUNKTION study series  is funktion – Making Life Fit. We’re Access and Inclusion consultants who work with Councils, Government, local businesses and corporates to provide accessible environments and inclusive services. As part of our respected and amazing research community you’ll be sharing your opinions and experiences on a range of different topics; from urban streetscapes to residential living spaces, and physical features to customer service – all depending on your interests and expertise. All of the information we collect from you will be used to help project teams design more of the things that you need and less of the things that create barriers when it comes to everyday activities and experiences.

How we use your feedback

Once our activities, surveys and polls have ended and you have let us know your thoughts, we at FUNKTION HQ will get together to translate the information into valuable and rich insights that we can incorporate into current design and development projects and present to project teams, helping them make more informed and relevant decisions.

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Together let’s build a more inclusive society.